Friday, September 26, 2008


okay so this is maybe my fifth attempt at starting this blog. i am telling myself that this time will be different though! i am going to try real hard to update this often with little peeks of what i am working on, of treasures that i find, and of things that are keeping me inspired and motivated.

first and most importantly, i just received my copy of handmade nation! i know everyone is talking about it these days.. but man, i can't remember the last time i've been this excited about a book. it's incredible.. you should get a copy!

it's also exciting to come across the work of a few ladies who i had never seen before! i am especially floored by sara rara and these beautiful bird pins of hers.

today, a rare day off from work, i am finishing packaging up a few antler necklace for a new vintage & handmade goods store opening up in ontario. it's run by the two ladies behind white elephant vintage, one of my favorite vintage stores on etsy. if you are in the area, the store is opening in october!

over the past few weeks i've been working on making a little work space for myself in one of the extra rooms in our wonderful house. i'm hoping to spend the rest of the day up here working on projects and reading handmade nation cover to cover and not letting myself delete this blog.. again.


Cher Ami said...

i love Faythe levine's store, Paper Boat. I saw those pins in there and they too caught my eye!

Suzy said...

Yay, you're back! Love the workspace and am completely envious of your extra room as my own study/craft area is shoved into the tiniest corner of my bedroom.

I contacted you on etsy a while ago about a pendant and I still have not found one that I am in love with--I feel like I've looked everywhere! Blerg.

Anonymous said...

your workspace is lovely! i think i could get a lot more crafting done if i had a nice spot to sit like that:)