Monday, October 20, 2008


partly as a way to have more time to work on sewing and partly as a way to ease myself into a winter of unemployment, i am now dedicating mondays exclusively to crafts. with the majority of my roommates at work, it's easy to hole myself up in this workroom and just sew sew sew without any distractions.

today i am listening to the carter family anthology, sewing totes from my prized world war two bedroll (the greatest fabric i have ever found), putting together little zipper pouches, and eating the last of some delicious stew from this weekend.

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Suzy said...

that zipper pouch with the lace is bliss! if i were in a position of financial freedom, i'd snatch it before you could even list it.

so, i don't know why you couldn't get an email through, but should work. double-check and try again? otherwise feel free to post the whole damn thing as a comment on my blog! no one, save my mother, really reads it to begin with so go ahead!