Monday, November 3, 2008

monday november 3 2008

(more onion skin dyed yarn.. this time with more yellow skins, less red skins, and some iron added into the dye bath)

1. today is monday my favorite day of the week. i stayed in bed until almost 9:30 which is unheard of for me and probably the latest i've started my day in a long time.

2. the dude who serviced my sewing machine today basically told me i was crazy to be sewing the things that i sew on that little machine. whoops. i guess it's time to upgrade to a huge thing that probably can't make it up two flights of stairs into this workroom.

3. democracy now had a really good but really scary segment on election fraud today. i highly recommend going to their website and listening. it makes me kind of relieved that i have already sent in my vote via absentee ballot and won't have to deal with long lines and potential machine mess ups tomorrow (even though i'm sure the likelihood of that happening in my small new hampshire town is much, much less than say in chicago or philly or even here in jamaica plain).

4. as i predicted once i set my eyes on this thing.. the little shearling collar i found this past weekend has not left my neck since i picked it up and felt the softness. i guess one of my winter tasks will be incorporating it into every single outfit i wear. you can see the prized collar in the photo below (along with a tote bag i just finished).

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Suzy said...

Girl, I'm voting in the most diverse neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. It's going to be chaos. Let's hope everyone oversleeps a little bit to give me a chance to enjoy it!

On the other hand, the energy (for lack of a less cliche word) here is amazing. Even the weather is hopeful!