Sunday, November 30, 2008

november 30 2008.

these days i am missing farm life more than usual. so then i daydream about running off to a place like the good life center so i can just spend the days growing food and learning more about homesteading. someday.


Suzy said...

Oh! I need to go here, now. Okay, well maybe when my lease is up next summer...too bad they're closed because of mold right now.

I'm sorry you haven't received my teeth yet! I have no idea what could be keeping them, I only hope they're not lost and gone forever (dreadful sorry, clementine).

Suzy said...

Ha, did you see the poster they have for sale on the website? There are so many interesting books written by the Nearings, but at the bottom, there is a satirical WANTED poster, check it out if you haven't!