Sunday, November 9, 2008

november 9 2008.

(here's a tote i finished a few days ago - constructed out of an old cotton sugar bag with handles made from rope i found on an old army duffel. i'm real into rope handles these days. much easier to sew through than leather!)

this weekend i am trying to go through all my fabric.. sort into categories, process, wash, and cut out patterns . it's helping me to feel less stressed and more organized, but at the same time i am realizing that soon my fabric supply will run out and i'll have a much harder time finding materials to work with this winter. luckily last year francesca, paul and i found an indoor flea market that goes throughout the cold months.. but it's just not the same. today was the first sunday in a long, long time that i didn't go to a flea market and to be honest, i feel a little lost without it!


Suzy said...

Haha, well I tried uploading a video of my niece and I going for the first snow walk of the season, but it took too long to do! Disgustingly cute, I may save it for a rainy day yet.

I STILL haven't been to a single flea market in Chicago, if you can believe it. Been here for over three years! I'm convinced this winter it will happen, though, once I, too, run out of fabric. Guess I should hop on your organizing bandwagon!

E-bad said...

I like your blog and also dont like to stop gardening for the winter, want to trade links?

Ashley Anna Brown said...

Alice! You have a blog! I just went back and read every single post. Now I am daydreaming about the day you may come to live in western massachusetts and teach me all the things you know about gardening, cooking and dyeing fibers. I can't wait to see you and all your beautiful goods at the Bazaar Bizarre!