Monday, December 8, 2008

monday december 8.

the bazaar bizarre was fun yesterday! it was nice to see what everyone else was selling - i especially loved vintage by crystal's little spun cotton animals (francesca got the sweetest little zebra and an elk for me!) and the new collaboration between ashley and justin.. it looks amazing! all around a very nice day.

i'm going to be spending the next few days trying to get a ton of bags, lace pouches and necklaces up in my etsy shop in time for the holidays. there will be a number of really nice tote bags made with old army canvas and even some shoulder bags! i'm really excited about this stuff - i hope you are too!


Suzy said...

Alice! Your displays are amazing, they remind me of a magical woodland filled with lovely treasures. And you're tempting me yet again with those precious lace pouches!

Alas, I'm afraid my teeth must've gotten lost in the mail if you haven't received them yet, which makes me so very sad that the usps has a piece of me that I cannot possibly ever get back, but sadder still that I will not be able to give my friends their necklaces.

On a better note, I think your hair is just fantastic! :)

anabela said...

What a beautiful display! I love these photos!