Saturday, February 21, 2009

february 21 2009

a few things i've made recently.


ashley said...

your bags are beautiful! i have a few pretty lace things from a fabric store i used to work for, if you want i can send them... email me your address

juliafreund said...

Your way to photograph your bags is wonderful. Congratulations to a super blog and beautiful creations.

We have a grandmother who still crochets and makes lace and doilies. I have never attempted to learn how because I'm sure my fingers are too large.

Suzy said...

I just found a really pretty braided belt that I plan on applying to my first-ever tote attempt, completely inspired by you of course!

And the teeth are doing great! My boyfriend chipped his a bit, but it looks even cooler now.

I may be getting some wisdom teeth yanked at some point this year, and you'll oddly be the first to know when I do!