Thursday, June 4, 2009

renegade preview.

thank you to everyone for being so patient with me while i have no items in my shop! i promise that i'll be doing a big update soon.. and that it'll be stocked for the rest of the summer.

since i've been working real hard to prepare for renegade (this weekend in brooklyn! come say hi!) i thought i'd post a few photos of some of the things that i'll have.

there will be 50+ bags of various sizes, styles, and colors to choose from! some of the styles are new to forestbound.. and like always every single bag is one of a kind. the one above is made from very, very old linen that i salvaged from an old british postal service bag. it's amazing in person!
this white bag is actually a special project that i've been working on that was inspired by an idea suggested to me by a friend. it's a picnic bag! the bag itself is huge and inside you will find everything you need for a picnic - blanket, plates, cups, bottle opener, etc. i've been collecting all the components over the past few weeks.. and i'm excited about it! you'll have to come to renegade to see all the details. it's the only one i have, too!

i'll also have new jewelry - a bunch of these layered chain necklaces that i am so crazy about. and also some hand cast pieces.

of course i still have a ton of work to do (like finish my display.. which i think will look good once it's done - i'll make sure to take a photo) before francesca and i leave friday evening. time to get back to work!


Anonymous said...

All so beautiful!

Wish I were there, but Germany is just too far away, so I look forward to your shop update.

My compliments on all you do, you are a long-time inspiration.


nath said...

wow, really just wow.

I wish I could be there too, that first bag made my heart take a giddy leap. and as for the picnic bag, that sounds so amazing!

everything looks very beautiful indeed, how're going to be a sell-out success!

anythinggoeshere said...

Absolutely fabulous. I have added you to my blog links on my blog. Let me know if that isn't and your work should be know throughout the world. great stuff. xo joan

elise said...

That jewelry looks divine! I hope you have a successful outing, sad I won't be able to make it!

Sandy and Joe said...

Love the bags and double-love the necklaces! Great ideas. Good luck at your show. Sandy Garrison/rhubarb reign