Thursday, August 20, 2009

in the heat of summer..

it's been hot these days. real hot. i don't mind so much.. except that i have no motivation to cook. this is always so frustrating because this is the time of year when i should be cooking as much as possible! in january i think back to days like today and kick myself for not taking advantage of all the produce i currently have at my discretion.

so instead of turning on the oven i just turn to fruit. either fruit and yogurt or fruit on cereal. after working outside all day it's all i want to eat! thankfully the farm i work for grows the most amazing watermelon to ever exist. i know that's a bold statement but dudes seriously.. that yellow watermelon is so, so delicious. i've been eating it for every single meal the past few days. and that will probably continue until all the melons have been harvested!


KnitXcorE said...

yellow watermelon??? i think i just peed a lil'. i'm going to have to hunt one down @ the FM tomarrow.

Volunteer abroad India said...

I've never seen yellow watermelons before but I absolutely love watermelons. It looks mouth-watering. Thank you for sharing!