Thursday, November 19, 2009


(all photographs by jeff allen)

to view the full collection and get additional information please visit my website.

the harvest series is a special collection of 6 different bags that are all based around a small selection of beautiful antique harvest bags that i stumbled upon one day this past summer.

these particular canvas bags were used on a family farm in northeastern new hampshire during the early 1900's. their primary function was to carry and store apples during the harvest season. printing of both the family's name and the farm name were incorporated into the bags when i originally found them as well as a number of areas of intricate hand-stitching where a repair was made to the bag many, many years ago.

my goal with this series was to create new tote bags that highlighted the beauty of the original canvas and the long history behind it. i tried to do this by keeping things relatively simple.. classic styles paired with some of the greatest antique leather that i've ever seen (and i spent many hours taking apart an incredibly well crafted swiss backpack from the 1930's to retreive said leather!).

these bags are all listed on my new big cartel shop. i'm hoping to create special collections every few months and when this happens i'll always list them on big cartel. but other than that i'll still list everything on etsy!

oh and just in case you missed it up there - go to my website to see more photos!


the snail and the cyclops said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! The bags and photos are beautiful and I bet the four of you had an amazing afternoon!! I just wish I could be have been there/be there with you!!!

Elizabeth said...

beautiful bags and styling, wishing you the best of luck, I'm sure they'll go fast!

mintjewels said...

gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous! love your bags!

Small Adventure said...

you have some beautifully crafted work. i always enjoy seeing your new items.

Billykirk, Inc. said...

These are fantastic!