Thursday, December 17, 2009


a few forestbound bags are now available at art in the age of mechanical reproduction.


D said...

congratulations! soon you'll need any army of stitchers to keep up!

i had inquired about a custom order a wee while back but, dang, i fear that window has passed ;)

such lovely stuff!

rennes le ch√Ęteau said...

I was just at this store over thanksgiving, it was probably one of the most awesome-est stores I had been to in a while- I wanted to buy absolutely everything in there! Your stuff fits in perfectly :)

love_again said...

Congrats! This store looks amazing.

sleeping poet said...

Congrats! "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" is such an amazing name for a store: I recently read the essay by Walter Benjamin from which the store took its name. Lovely to see you succeeding. :)


jessica, a miniature rhino said...

you're blowin up! good, good, good!

bathmate said...

it really very good.
I love it !
I like it !
thanks :)- .