Tuesday, December 22, 2009


(via secret forts)

i'm beginning to search for a small piece of land to call my own and i'm anxious to finally have a real reason to purchase (and put to good use) an axe like this one.


Caroline said...

I was saying on my twitter last night about my cousin actually shopping for a piece of land too! My grandma told me he was taking intensive classes in wood working and home building to make his own log cabin! Made me think of you.
I hardly ever see him because he's always out on some far away adventures, but he's rad.
and I just noticed going through your older entries I bought that exact same folding knife in your gift guide as a part of Jeff's christmas presents!

I am starting to think our family split a couple years ago and there's still some similar genes left!

good luck for your land hunting, give us some news when you see something interesting! I'll watch Alone in the Wilderness 2-3 times and get pumped to come and help you a bit! (i have a lot of freetime in the summer.)

Anonymous said...
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