Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Came across a real nice WWII era US Navy uniform this past weekend that was in perfect condition - still with original tags. Transformed the jumper into the above bag.

Incorporated the original printing, pocket, and some stitching. Lined with sturdy striped fabric, shoulder straps and buckle made with supple dark brown leather. Buckle salvaged from a WWII era military belt. Available here.

(Totally forgot to take a before picture in my pre-coffee state this morning. The below image is what the jumper originally looked like.)


Tess said...

I saw you holding that sweet thing and thought maybe you were just going to wear it, but this is amazing. I think it's my favorite bag you've done.

Michaela Dawn said...

This cleaned up beautifully!

Got to go see if it's still in the shop so's I can 'see' more of this Sea Daddy;}