Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Over the next month or so I'm going to be periodically updating my blog with some old treasures that I have decided to part with. I've accumulated far too many things after living in the same house for years and years.. so now that it's time to move into a new place.. it's also time to clean out the closets and the crawl spaces and the old trunks I have stashed away everywhere.

Here's how it'll work - I'll post photos, a price, and a brief description of the item. If you're interested in purchasing the item or if you would like more details simply send me an email -- Alice (at) All shipping will be $5 unless otherwise noted.

Vintage LL Bean canvas/leather satchel. In good condition other than a bit of wear on one of the top corners.
-- SOLD --

Russian glass apothecary bottle with original cork and label.
-- $12 --

Set of 6 metal tins with screw on caps and original labels.
-- SOLD --

Set of 4 white & black enamel cups.
-- SOLD --

Metal letters and numbers set. All letters of the alphabet are there (some on the reverse side) as well as numbers 1-9. Letters measure 1.75inches tall.
-- SOLD --


Dianne said...

Wah! I wish I had some spare money, I bet you have alot of good things to share. Like this russian apothecary bottle, which i cannot justify purchasing AT all but i WANT.


caitlyn said...

i really love that bag!