Monday, November 8, 2010


Like always - the few days I spent in Portland were not enough. Spent my time walking everywhere with close friends, catching up over cocktails, eating delicious food, making many new sweet friends. Oh and was very happy to have spent so much time with Anabela and Geoff!

Little Winter was far and beyond my favorite event of recent past. It exceeded my expectations in every way possible. So thankful for all the time and energy put into making it what it was.


anne said...

new sweet friends!!!

abby try again said...

Thank you for coming :) I loved having you at the market and my bag is just freaking amazing.
Seriously, best bag ever.
Glad you enjoyed Little Winter.

kenzie said...

meeting you was such a highlight, it was so fun to be next to you and shanna. It was perfect to put the east coasters together.

anabela / fieldguided said...


Chelsea said...

Thank you for coming all this way, Alice. It was so lovely to meet you (and all your Portland friends too!).