Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My birthday was exactly 2 weeks ago today -- the day before some pals and I were able to dig around a warehouse full of beautiful old clothing and I found these old Herman work boots. Luckily they fit perfectly and my best girl gifted them to me for my special day. Oh and it just so happens they are by far the warmest and most comfortable pair of old work boots that I own.. couldn't be happier with this find.


IPullPrints said...

these are killer!

Moorea Seal said...

OOH i love these. I am moving into a new studio, well, remodling our garage into a studio starting today. I love a good boot that can be worn when I'm building, to when I'm working on jewelry, till later when I need a beer from working so hard. :) I bet they'd look kinda cool with some tights and a grey or green dress too. :)
I love your blog and all of your beautiful bags!
<3 Moorea

Anonymous said...

beyond special. Would love a tip on this secret warehouse! Joel and I will be in NH for five days next week. Maybe even see you? XOX, happy holiday beauty.