Saturday, January 1, 2011


Had one of my favorite moments of year last night -- eating the most amazing beef heart sausage in a delicious restaurant, drinking my ideal cocktail, Operation Ivy just happens to start playing in the background. Perfect way to end the year. Here's to a fresh 12 months filled with land buying, cabin building, spending as much time as possible with loved ones.

And thank you to everyone for all your kind words and support throughout this past year.


anja louise verdugo said...

happy new year dude!!

Kelsey Louise said...

sounds wonderful! best of luck with the land and cabin. what is your ideal coctail, by the way?

8Fairy8 said...

Thank you! Keep up the good work!
Now i find a good tote bag for my daughter in, However i don't know it's fit her or not, any one help me?