Monday, January 17, 2011


Just in time for Valentine's Day we're offering a special edition custom monogrammed tote bag.

The outside of these bags feature a sturdy hand dyed leather pocket monogrammed with the initials of your special someone.

- Only 10 will be available -

Constructed out of a hard to find grey canvas salvaged from a WWII era Swiss military tent, these medium totes feature hand dyed recycled military issue cotton webbing straps and are the perfect size for every day use.

They will be available in the Forestbound Online Shop starting at 10am on Monday 1/17/11.


Lainey-Paney said...

OOOh....very nice!

Scott said...

They're gorgeous. Do you mind if I post them on my blog?

forest bound said...

Scott - Thank you! I don't mind at all.

Scott said...
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studio choo said...

wow- so lovely! i think we are going to be in boston next friday if you want to try and meet up- i'll send you a message! jill

sti said...

Hi friends,

Thanks for sharing this information which i was looking for since many days and finally got it from this site.
Keep on sharing new informations..more and more..