Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some of my favorite old photos from my personal collection .. the one on top is the most recent addition and my new favorite. Love the jacket worn by the dude in the top row all the way to the left .. and the one in stripes second from the right on top. So good. Second photo from the top was given to me by Anja when I was visiting Portland a few months ago and I promptly hung it over my work desk the second I got home. Something about those well dressed, mischievous looking guys crowded around a donkey really gets me.

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katharine shields said...

i shoulda scanned the backs! the 2nd one says "august 25, 1907" and the 3rd one says "Dorothy Knott probably taken at her home in Watertown"

it occurs to me that this comment will make me look like a crazy person to the majority of the internets..