Monday, April 18, 2011


Had a great weekend of digging .. found a carload of duffel bags & grain sacks & various other canvas. But my favorite finds are shown above ,, 1953 calendar from an estate sale basement woodshop & a WWII era nurse's sweater with a 1930's era German athletic shirt underneath .


Anonymous said...

I have a real soft spot for aged wall calendars. Especially the rural branded ones that have hung on toilet doors at some old farm house. Odd for sure but they capture a tiny bot of basic level marketing, that here in Australia still exists. Those calendars still get given away by farm supply stores.

eva louise. said...

the other day, i found some similar calendars in the trash, ( they both had rip-away calendars that were used up and long gone. one of them required the user to tear away the months to reveal the physique of a pin-up lady.