Friday, May 6, 2011


That 42 star American flag Aaron dug up is the perfect addition to his studio.

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kelsey louise said...

oh, so awesome! i really appreciate your sustainably fashionable lifestyle and friends. today is my town's city wide yardsale, and nothing makes me happier to see everyday people recycling, whether or not they realize they are doing it.

LET IT BE SAID: I would ALWAYS rather wear peoples old clothes and fill my home full of antiques than support corporate mass produced trendy crap that is made by mistreated, underpaid workers in foreign countries-killing them;polluting their water supplies;outsourcing American jobs;creating more & more capitalistic and consumer greed, not to mention-filling our lives & our land with moremoremore waste! Your bags and your message give me hope, that maybe people really are buying quality handmade, vintage & second-hand. RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE!