Monday, January 30, 2012


New in the shop this afternoon .. 1950's era ticking fabric outer, WWII era canvas rivet bag outside pocket, black cowhide shoulder straps & bottom reinforcement.
Available HERE.


Lolo said...

This is beautiful!
My bag hasn't left my shoulder since I received it - I use it all the time.

Auge Eco said...

Dear Alice Saunders,

I was delighted with your work. I also make bags. But I make ecologic bags with reusable canvas and others things in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro actually.

I send this comment to you because I would like to be your partner in my country. I would like to do business with your products in stores in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and related.

I have practice in marketing products in the local fashion business.

I propose an exchange:

I'll send some of my bags for you and if you want, you send some of your bags for me in Rio de Janeiro.

And if I could I would like to learn from you at your location. A kind of exchange, because I'll start studying Textile Engineering and International Trade this year. And I have much experience with this work. My parents have garment factory since 2000 and I always worked with them.

What you think about my proposal?

I await any coordinate.

My english is terrible. I'm sorry.


William Cesar.