Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is gearing up to be a busy spring. Changes happening around the Forestbound studio, changes happening in my little house, (finally) creating a usable backyard space complete with container garden & wood patio, a trip to St. George Island in Florida with some of my favorite people, lots of new juice combinations to try (beet, carrot, apple, blood orange, ginger pictured above) and of course running.. lots of running.

I ran 20 miles on Sunday - longest (and best) run to date. And my dad gave me his 1994 NYC marathon shirt .. which quickly became my most prized possession. Can't wait to wear it during the Providence marathon on May 6.

These days I'm mostly thinking about a few things all the time .. can I run fast enough to qualify for the Boston marathon next year? Is it time to get Maisey a new pup friend? And how do the writers for Law & Order SVU do it?? Must be the craziest job ever (I watch A LOT of SVU while sewing ... ).

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SASHA said...

wow.i've always wanted to run a marathon but people are always trying to deter me, saying it would mess me up, so hard on the body. i used to run much longer distances but for awhile only take this really short, like, 3 mile run. but i walk so much/ far with my dogs... you're inspiring me though, the marathon thing has always been in the back of my mind, since childhood! i love running so much, want to get back into my longer runs again, not like anything else, that feeling, alone outside moving like that...