Monday, March 19, 2012


What an incredible weekend here in New England! We spent the day at Crane Beach on Saturday with the pup who was completely mesmerized by her first horse sighting. And her first whale sighting (a dead Minke whale had washed up on the beach the day before and rescuers were taking it apart piece by piece .. too brutal to photograph). I found lots of driftwood that looked like teeth and started a little collection. We'll see how many I have by the end of summer.

Sunday my brother and I ran the New Bedford half marathon. I was coming down off my first cold of the season (of course perfectly timed to arrive right before a race.. ) but we still managed to finish with a great time and it was such a beautiful day to be outside running.

Currently the windows are open in my studio and the magnolia across the street has just started to bloom. It smells so incredible and really, there's no way to not be excited about everything right now - it's spring!


Kathrin said...

Half marathon, wow!
I love your bags, love the way you work, would like to do the same or own all of them!

Greta Rybus said...

WAY TO GO ON THE HALF MARATHON! Can you tell me about those shoes? What is the brand and type?