Monday, May 7, 2012


Bob Dodd started making celluloid rings in 1937 while in the navy. He handcrafted them out of pieces of toothbrushes, hand mirrors, pocket knife handles, etc. and sold them to his fellow soldiers. Bob continued making them after leaving the military and became the most prolific maker of celluloid rings .. although he mostly sold or gave them to people in his small town.

Two women developed a personal connection to Bob before his death and are now selling his rings so they can both share his work with others and also follow in his footsteps by continuing to create handmade celluloid rings. Such a great story. 

Take a look at their Etsy shop featuring Bob Dodd's rings.

(via Teen Angster)


Sarah J said...

Oh my word these are amazing!! I so love the intricacy of each piece.

f said...

nice rings

pete dodd said...

Robert "Bob" Dodd, my father started making rings while in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in 1937. He did not enter the navy until the USA entered WWII.