Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday I ran my first full marathon, the Providence Cox Sports Marathon, and it was one of the best days ever. It was also hard. Really, really hard. But months of dedicated training paid off because I was able to keep up with my original goal pace (which became significantly slower once the reality of my knee injury set in .. but thankfully lots of PT did the trick and my knee held up great yesterday) and finished with a time that I am very happy with (3:49:50 for all the runners out there..). Also realized how what they say about marathons being as much mental as they are physical is totally true. Those last 7 miles were all a mind game. That last photo was at mile 24.5 - I was thrilled to see friends & that we were getting so close to the finish. But don't let my smile fool you - I could hardly feel my quads and my feet were aching.

The best part of the race was running alongside my brother & good friends as well as running for the AFTD team. We were able to raise over $5,300 for AFTD! THANK YOU again to everyone who donated money and offered their support. We are so grateful. 

(Also, there was a great article on the front page of yesterday's New York Times about frontotemporal dementia .. which just happened to appear in the paper the same day we were running the marathon for an organization trying to fight this disease)

Now it's time to give my knee a few months of rest and then start training for the next one!


portia said...

Congrats Alice - amazing first marathon!

L A W R E N C E said...

So proud of you!!!
(and I have more pics headed your way once I find a camera wire!)

Yellow Finch Designs said...

what an incredible accomplishment!! and that time! fantastic.