Wednesday, September 26, 2012


(All photos by Katharine Shields)

 Introducing the Greylock Collection

We've been working long and hard over the past few months to develop a collection of bags made out of high quality #8 and #10 cotton duck featuring soft, honey colored 4.5oz leather strapping.

Our intention with this line is to keep the styles and colors that Forestbound is known for but branch out from the one of a kind bags so that there will be constant availability and variety. 

Don't worry we're going to keep on creating Forestbound Originals from found historical fabrics! We just thought it might be nice to add in this collection to spice things up a bit.

The Greylock Collection features 5 different styles of bags available in numerous colors. Three of the available styles are made from #8 cotton duck, have super soft & durable leather straps, and are fully lined with three interior pockets. The two other bags are simple canvas totes made from #10 cotton duck intended to be the kind of bag you can just throw everything into and go! These bags also feature a screen printed Forestbound logo.

We hope you love the new bags! There were countless numbers of prototypes made & carried around throughout the summer before we finalized the design on the above bags. We wanted to make sure everything was just right - the fabrics, the leather, the pocket placement, the strap length, etc. So we hope that we've created some perfect go to canvas & leather bags for you just in time for fall weather and the holiday season. 

All the above styles are now available in the Forestbound online shop.

PS - Our website got a bit of a makeover too .. take a look!

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Kaitlyn Harun said...

Good on ya, Alice! These are SO lovely! And very you. Congrats, lady.