Wednesday, July 3, 2013




We've been thoroughly enjoying these warm, long summer days. Weekends away in New Hampshire & Martha's Vineyard with friends (our friend's family owns the incredible house shown above), long arboretum walks with the dog, some racing (I ran my fastest 5k yet and placed 3rd overall female in the race above!) but mostly enjoying lots of runs with no music and no Garmin (although training for fall races starts in under a week .. time to get serious). 

Things around these parts tend to slow down a bit when summer comes along, but we're doing our best to update the Forestbound shop with new bags and find some great new pieces to put in the Forestbound vintage shop. We also have a number of exciting collaborations in the works .. more on that later. 

Oh and a new batch of really great one of a kind bags are headed off to Art in the Age .. so if you're in the Philadelphia area stop by and take a look.

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