Monday, September 16, 2013


Being part of the Levi's Makers Yurt at the first handful of Station to Station stops was such an incredible experience that I have decided to stay on for the remainder of the journey! There's nothing quite like being out on the road, surrounded by people who inspire you to no end. 

I've also been making bags with materials that I've found along the way, and these items will be for sale at the events. Also for sale are limited edition Levi's Tailor Shop jackets, Junkyard Jeans jackets made specifically for each city that we stop in, Levi's denim shirts customized with hand embroidered stars from Folk Fibers, and lots more from Levi's Makers. So if you're looking for Forestbound bags and other special goods, come on out and see what we'll have!

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Paperstarz said...

This tent is so beautiful. I love your blog and your designs, simply beautiful. Thank You for sharing.