Wednesday, October 2, 2013



(A collection of images from the trip by me, Maura & Ashleigh)

Station to Station has come and gone, and I am so incredibly grateful to Jay Carroll and Levi's for asking me to come along and be a part of the journey. I was able to travel across the United States, meet so many talented and good hearted people, see a great array of artists perform at every stop (Jackson Browne in Winslow, AZ! Beck at an old drive-in theater in Barstow, CA!), and become so inspired by the passion and drive of all the other Makers alongside myself in the Levi's Yurts. 

Many thanks to Folk Fibers, Cobra Rock Boots, Levi's Tailor Shop, Junkyard Jeans, Tangleblue Weavers, Centinela Traditional Arts, Slowpoke Leather for taking the journey with me and also all the great folks who came out to the events and chatted with us while we were working away. It was the trip of a lifetime.

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