Sunday, July 26, 2009

july 23 2009

part of the reason why i wanted to take a little break away from my etsy shop this month was so that i could focus more of my attention on a few custom orders that have been on my to-do list for too long.

this one that i just finished up is for my roommate's bff. he requested a pretty simple tote but asked for blue and white ticking fabric as a liner. i mainly just use sturdy beige cotton for all of my liners - but luckily my best girl francesca had recently labored over an old pillow she found (taking it apart, plucking out all the feathers, soaking the cotton for a very long time) and graciously offered me some of the fabric. i think it works perfectly with the olive green canvas and the leather handles.

i also added a removeable, adjustable cotton shoulder strap just to make it a bit more utilitarian.

being able to hand-deliver a bag to someone is a really, really nice feeling. it's only happened to me a few times in the past but it's always such a special treat. oh and later in the week i'll get to do this again for the wonderful julia! so excited.



SO gorgeous.

Suzy said...

i love it. but what did your friend soak the cotton in?

Anonymous said...

I love this bag. I've noticed you are now using rivets to attach your handles/buckles. My son has started a couple bike bag projects and needs to use rivets. What type/brand of tool and rivets do you use? And, would you recommend it?

kelley said...

Beautiful! The leather handles and striped lining are perfect.

april said...

This combination of ticking and canvas and leather is really, really lovely!

indiansummervintage said...

Hi there Alice! We met at Renegade, I was along with Christie and Joel! Your work is amazing and I look forward to following you here and on Etsy. And I look forward to a purchase of my very own, very soon!

(and I'm so happy to have found you here, I'll be linking you to my own site!)

Very best,

rodney u. said...

this is my bag! and it's great!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i love every bit of this. the olive, the stripes, the leather handles. great work!!