Monday, August 10, 2009

summer days

(all images via the life photo archive)

i've been able to spend the past few weekends out on cape cod with friends and family and it has definitely been just what i needed. but now i'm wishing every weekend i could venture out there to swim and hangout with my little niece and collect rose hips along our little dead end road.

these short trips have definitely got me motivated for more summer adventures while the air is still warm.. this week it's the white mountains and hopefully soon another day trip to vermont with francesca before she moves away from me!

i'm still hard at working doing forestbound related things.. mostly daydreaming about all the bags i'll make once i'm holed up in my studio for the winter. i need to start getting ready for the shop re-opening! i'm still not sure when it'll be.. another few weeks. i'll keep you updated as the time approaches!


Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

There's nothing like a little respite to an inspiring place to rejuvenate and gather ideas. I'd love to see Cape Cod one day. (:

Caroline said...

oh my god, we should meet half way in vermont! im 1.5 hours from burlington! haha. i used to go there often, all my friends in vt are on tour right now.

sleeping poet said...

Lovely pics. Enjoy the rest of your summer!