Sunday, September 13, 2009

sunday september 13

this weekend i can't stop thinking about finding an old barn, renovating it, and calling it home. but we all know that won't happen for a good while so until then i'll just keep stocking up on old wool blankets and sets of antlers and nice wooden crates that will someday make their way into a cozy old barn home. and of course i'll continue to look at photos like these ones until i drive myself crazy and can't resist any longer.

(all photos from barnpages)


Katherine said...

i have the same dream! i think we should turn every dilapidated building we see into a beautiful home, and my boyfriend keeps looking at me like i'm completely bananas.

Arlene said...

OH...the love of old barns. Your 'things' would look lovely in an old barn/house.

Anonymous said...

These photos make me miss home! My family is from Idaho. Might have to rent a car and take a road-trip. I would love to surprise everyone.