Monday, May 31, 2010


A trip home to NH is never complete without stocking up on some of my favorite things. Finding good quality, locally raised meat & dairy in this city is harder than one would think. So that means I go a little overboard when I'm home in NH and can get my hands on really, really good stuff. I have an especially hard time when I'm driving and see a little farm selling their backyard duck & chicken eggs in a roadside stand (currently have 4 dozen in our fridge) or when I'm at the natural food store where they sell NH raised venison and bison (as well as pork and chicken and lamb and beef and turkey).

Although my favorite by far is raw milk. It's hard to get your hands on around here unless you go directly to the farm.. so needless to say when I saw that raw milk up there in a NH store I nearly fell over with excitement. So happy to have a constant source of it now. Plus that means one more reason to take many trips home this summer.


Michaela Dawn said...

You are a gall after my own heart:))))
I think your forthright search, even if it means traveling over valley and field, through city and then forest... for items that are both sustainable and deliciously timeless, well, it is quite honorable indeed.

Caroline said...

Aw girl, this looks like so much fun!!

SO funny because I was just on the phone with a friend a few minutes ago and she told me she was on an organic bison farm for her mom’s 60th birthday this weekend… it made her want to have her own bisons!

I WISH we had raw milk here. Its prohibited to sell raw milk in Canada. The only trick I have figured out with time is to pay a farm and have your own cow in the lot so you can have your own raw milk. My aunt used to have goats and made her own raw cheese and raw yogurt. Since then she focused on horses and have 4 deers. I missed the days where I worked on her farm and washed the goats like they were dogs!

When I was a kid, we used to have 3 ducks but never got much eggs… I remember eating quail eggs like crazy though. I had a wonderful childhood full of feasans, pardrige, hens and all ducklings. I miss that so, so much.

Oh well, at least we can buy raw milk cheese for now and I have found the best ever at the market near my house… I totally want a giant glass of raw milk when I come visit! Until then I will eat asparagus and spinach like crazy for the next month!

sk said...

yay for raw milk! we are lucky to have a constant supply here in FL, although of course it's expensive and "not for human consumption." I especially love it when the farm has raw cream and when they make fresh cottage cheese. It's a completely different food than what you buy in the store!

I've just started buying goat milk from them, and it's my favorite. When I was in CA recently I tried raw Sheep's milk and it was probably the best thing I've EVER tasted. It was also $17 a pint, though!

Liane said...

hey! i'm buying some elk here in henniker when i'm home from renegade. you should come with! they have syrup too. also, when my chickens start laying in the fall you gotta come visit and pick up eggs.'
see you soon!!
oh, ps- and i realize i should have just emailed but what the hey...ethan is working at bob bower's this summer! starts tomorrow.